PTM Highlight for June:   Parisienne Wagon

Some of you may remember the full-size Pontiac’s of the early 80s using the name Parisienne.    That name had an ancestry starting in 1958 – and here is the Museum’s Canadian-built 1964 Parisienne wagon.    This Oshawa-built car was configured for Canada (and is about the same as the Catalina trim level would have been in the US) and lived there until museum director Tim Dye bought it in Edmonton in 2001.    He and Penny have a lot of great memories in this car, having personally put about 40,000 miles on it (the odo is at about 90k as you see it now, still looking pretty lightly used!).   It has been painted, but other than that is pretty much all original.    Recently, for about the last 10 years it has lived on the floor of the Illinois museum, displaying as a family camping vacation vehicle and evoking fond memories that many of us have – complete with the ~1960 Skotch Kooler camping set, Coleman stove, and fishing rods!

The wagon is an interesting configuration – only about 1000 of these were built.   It basically is 100% Canadian-sourced parts.    The powertrain and chassis are 1964 Impala – this one is a 283 Chevrolet V8 with 2 spd Powerglide.  The car could be configured with everything from an L6 to a 2 bbl 409, and you’ll see Chevy orange on the block . . . but no logos on the valvecovers.   All the ornamentation is Pontiac – even steering wheel cap on a Chevy column, even a unique set of wheel covers.   And those fender-mounted mirrors – couldn’t get that look in the US of A!

 (again, many thanks to David Porath for photos)