Volunteers of the Month, October 2019:  Renee and David!


This super couple Renee Voit-Porath and David Porath, kind of end up behaving like volunteers of the month every month!   And their work in late September and October was spectacular.  But we had a little bit of a challenge getting pictures of the two together – because David is almost always the guy behind the camera at our events, and Renee is never standing still!     Renee is involved in just about everything related to the Pontiac community and continually provides contacts, enthusiasm, and great ideas to our PTM Committee.   She never hesitates to jump into necessary work on any event or project.  And when you see high quality photography coming from our Museum, chances are David has been involved  – he literally has professional skills in this field – but will also get involved in whatever it takes to transport, stage, position, and buff his automotive and human subjects for PTM!   

Thanks Renee and David – you guys are awesome contributors!