Volunteers of the Month, February 2020:  The Dynamic Dye Duo!


Who better to feature than our own Tim and Penny Dye?     This “dynamic duo” is what makes all the gears turn in our machine! 

(photo credit Natalie Broda, Oakland Press)

Although some may think they are “staff” – and indeed they are for the Illinois-based Pontiac Oakland Museum and Resource Center  but they are also big-time uncompensated volunteers when it comes to work on the emerging Pontiac Transportation Museum.   So, imagine working full-time running a museum in Illinois, while having the passion to move your household and pursue our collective team’s dream in Michigan!

Tim is a lifelong enthusiast, owner, and collector of all things Pontiac.   His dedication to the brand (and its associated enthusiast community) goes much further than owning an extensive collection of artifacts.  He is a true historian, educator and researcher, having authored and edited various books and publications which explore the legends and lore of the key individuals that defined this region, along with its associated automotive world.

Tim was an original organizer of GTOAA, attended the very first POCI convention (and over 25 since then), has been a POCI officer, frequent speaker, and played a role in starting POCI Chapters.   He currently publishes Smoke Signals, applying his deep background in editing, writing, printing, and publishing to this monthly “bible” for Pontiac lovers.   Clearly his name is not new to Pontiac enthusiasts!!

And then perhaps playing a more “behind the scenes” is Penny, another Oklahoma native helping collect and manage all these artifacts for more than 30 years.   You’ll find her manning the daily operations – whether this be opening up in the morning, paying the bills, stocking and selling merchandise, keeping the records – she shares the passion and devotes countless hours to make it all happen!

When you talk to these two you can’t help but feel “excitement” running in your blood!   Thanks to Tim and Penny for continually rallying our team around this great cause!