Volunteer of the Month, April 2020:  Rosana Hull!

Here’s another unsung hero of the Pontiac Transportation Museum!   Rosana Hull has been with the PTM Team from the start.   She’s a part of virtually every event and heads our Promotions SubCommittee – some of the most active people in getting our message out!

All that fascinating Facebook, and now Instagram activity you’ve been seeing?   Rosana is the “lady behind the curtain” leading that!   (The Wiz himself would be impressed!)    Somehow in addition, she is the tireless organizer of our Committee meetings – including providing a dose of technology, recently helping us with Skype meetings which have provided essential productivity during our “social distancing” realities.

Remarkably, Rosana balances all this with a “day job” keeping the GM Pontiac Engineering Center tight with the Pontiac Community, and further with a husband and 3 very active kids (who she occasionally recruits to help with Museum work – as you can see in the photo!).   You are not allowed to hug Rosana this month – but maybe remember to sometime in the future when we are all clear of COVID-19 – she has been “piloting the car” for this team to get us as far as we’ve come!