Wheeled Vehicles:  A Legacy of the Pontiac Community!

Starting in the 19th century, the transportation industry became the pulse of Pontiac, MI.   This community saw decades of phenomenal “boom” growth, some economic “down” cycles, huge industrialization, and recently a newly re-emerging downtown “avant-garde” culture.   The non-profit Pontiac Transportation Museum intends to tell this remarkable story, but also has a role in energizing community development and re-vitalization.       




Situated in a historic neighborhood location, the museum is well-equipped to reach out to the Pontiac schools and community. Intended museum activities include science, technology, engineering, art, and math outreach to engage youth with perspective of how those technical capabilities historically grew their own community.  As a drawing card for city visitors, the Museum will support local economic development – hotels and restaurants are typical beneficiaries of a healthy museum culture.   




Explore our website to learn about how these following images relate to Pontiac Transportation heritage!   It is an intriguing story! 

The entirety of the Southeast Michigan community takes great pride in their automotive history.  Documented experience shows that even beyond interested locals, enthusiasts tend to travel in “cruises” and make a transportation museum a destination, planning annual conventions around a museum.  Beyond “car-crazy “ history buffs, the Pontiac Transportation Museum scope has a broad appeal that includes truck, RV, bus, and wartime conversion enthusiasts; and those just fascinated by the heritage of how this community profoundly affected American culture and lifestyle.

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One of America’s most robust centers of transportation history, innovation, and accomplishment is Pontiac, Michigan. To celebrate the heritage and remarkable achievements of this community, the Pontiac Transportation Museum is currently being developed to showcase significant examples of automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles and other designed or built locally – vehicles which truly changed the nation and the world.    Learn More

The City of Pontiac: History, Legacy, and Community

The city of Pontiac has a long history and heritage tied to transportation – from a central distribution point for agricultural products to carriage and automobile manufacturing. And it all started with a territorial governor trying to sell some land.  Learn More

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