Engraved Pavers for the PTM Entry Walkway!


$250 for 8 x 8 brick                      $100 for 4 x 8 brick

Did you, or someone you know, play a role in Pontiac Transportation history?  Or do you just want people to know that you support our Museum?

Consider donating an engraved paver to our recognition walkway.    This is an exceedingly durable, high-contrast engraving that will be prominently displayed for eternity!

How about for that person “who has everything”?    These make excellent commemorative gifts!

The button below will take you to our page on Brick Markers USA, a leading provider of engraved pavers (it opens a new window or tab in your browser).

Click here to donate and order your paver!

Also – would your group or club consider one of our larger “arrays” that incorporate your group’s graphic in the walkway?   Your members can surround it with their personalized messages too!     Contact us!   We’d love to work this out with your team!