Gallery – Snippets of Interesting Heritage

Pontiac’s earliest motor vehicles – Rapid trucks were a huge commercial truck success story!



A beautiful Solstice GXP and convertible near the end of the Pontiac brand’s run!



The legendary Pontiac V8 Tripower!








Whizzer Motorbikes built in Pontiac from 1946 – 1965!



Vehicle final inspection finishing in Plant 8

This is what the manufacturing complex (of nearly 11 million sqft) looked like on the North site!






The WWII production conversion in Pontiac was amazing, and an integral part of “the Arsenal of Democracy”!

Flanders:   This company was making electric cars in Pontiac 105 years ago!

GMC Motorhomes: An incredibly innovative approach – Made in Pontiac!




Classic Pontiac hood ornaments!


GMC trucks roll out the door (and temporarily block traffic!) near Woodward and South Boulevard.







The Pontiac Buggy Plant – forerunner to Oakland Motors



A Standard carriage in front of its (still-standing) Osmun St. birthplace!