Planned Giving

Many individuals find their retirement years can be blissfully freed of stress by devoting more time to financial planning. The Pontiac Transportation Museum can’t help you much in your overall approach – but would love to be considered in the plans you and your loved ones may develop.

Well beyond our current capital campaign, our museum will have ongoing needs for philanthropy – it’s a reality of nearly all museums that admission doesn’t pay all the bills. In reality, most museums depend on either an endowment or ongoing support from benefactors.

Estate planning can be an intensely personal process for a family. Many times an individual or a family want to establish a legacy that honors and perpetuates their contributions. If you or current and previous family members played a role in the Pontiac community (and especially one related to transportation!) we’d appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about whether the Pontiac Transportation Museum could aid that type of long term recognition.

Not only do we have many opportunities already in our exhibit and building plans, but we are also receptive to hearing about other individuals/topics/contributions the museum might want to consider.