Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the Pontiac Transportation Museum open to the public?

We have made considerable progress over the last 18 months – with the generosity of many individuals we have assembled considerable assets critical to the museum.   Specifically, we are blessed with a property/building well-suited to our purpose, and have an impressive collection of vehicles, some of which are very unique.   The Museum also has built a capable team of volunteers with the necessary skills and expertise to bring this to life.   Our building requires considerable renovation for Phase 1 – to open the doors.   As we collect the necessary capital through the fundraising now ongoing our timing will become more clear – our hope is Spring of 2020.    Please consider helping with a pledge of your own!

Will the Michigan museum replace the Pontiac-Oakland Museum and Resource Center that is currently on Route 66?

In short – no!    The two museums are a part of the same charitable organization and guided by the same Board of Directors.   They have different missions and “scope” of their intended collection.    The Michigan Pontiac Transportation Museum will cover the wheeled-transportation history of the Pontiac community, including products, people, and industrialization related to this areas transportation legacy.   It also has an intended role in revitalizing the community’s economy and educational organizations.   We think many people are going to want to visit both!  

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