Fiero PII History – authored by Gregg Peterson for Fiero’s 40th


Gregg Peterson was a key Pontiac Advanced Development Engineer assigned to the PII concept in the late 1980s.   Gregg presented some of this history at the Fiero 40th Anniversary celebration in Pontiac July 13-16, 2023.   Along with literary contributions from Dave Emerling, Tim Petersen, and Doug Coventry they have documented the full plan and history for this second generation car, which of course never came to market.   Your contribution to the Pontiac Transportation Museum will prompt a download of a full copy of this unique history to you.    Also note that contributors of technical history to augment this preliminary edit will be referenced in the final hard copy book!     Note downloaders agree not to copy or distribute this book!



History of the Fiero PII, by Gregory Peterson.   The author has graciously made this advanced copy available to you for a donation to the Pontiac Transportation Museum.   $25 is the minimum donation, but please consider additional donation as you download this unique piece of history!

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